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Becoming a guide is a simple process that is incredibly rewarding for those who choose to participate. Those who become guides will assist others on their journey to a better story.

The benefits of becoming a guide include:

• Complete access to all of our resources
• Full guide certification
• Membership to online My Story Matters community

Features of the guide program include:

• One on one coaching
• Guide coursework and workshops
• Online trainings

The process of becoming a guide involves these steps:

• Attend a Participant Workshop to learn the material for yourself
• Complete online training
• Attend a Guide Intensive Certification
• Observe a guide
• Co-Guide with someone who has already taught it before

Group Of Guides from My Story Matters
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In order for us to continue to teach this curriculum and take it to the individuals who are entering the system into the darkness that lies ahead for them, WE NEED HELP! We need funding to get this hope and help to more individuals.”

- Josh Penrod, Curriculum Advocate, and Guide, former Justice Involved Citizen

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“I have watched this course truly help teens by helping them identify their I Am statements, believe they are capable of anything they set their mind to and not being afraid to go after their dreams.”



We are thrilled you are wanting to begin the next chapter of application of these principles. There are three core elements for you to embrace along the journey. It will be critical for you to Learn it, Live it, and Leverage it.

It will be vital for you to not just learn our model, but also learn how to relate the stories of your participants into the model for success.

Each lesson will present a tool. You will help participants learn how to use it, and how it layers with the other tools you will present.

There are many resources available to help you learn each of the principles.

As you learn the material it is important for you take action. The most important thing for you to do is find your own personal application.

Ultimately we are looking for you to be
“a guide on the side not a sage on the stage.”

You are more than a guide. You aren’t just teaching. You aren’t just facilitating. You are guiding individuals along their journey, pointing them to tools that will help them determine next steps in their vision.

As you live it and continue to have experiences with the material you’ll be able to share your experiences together and both learn and grow, rather than be the expert on the stage.

Guides: Amy Chandler, Natty Lewis, George Smith, Portia Louder, Josh Penrod