Therapists and clinicians learn to apply our framework to help ensure real and lasting progress and change with their clients. It helps clients learn how their thoughts affect identity and teaches them to create a better way to change their life using concrete tools that can leverage change.

Join therapists and clinicians who have implemented this framework to transform every area of their lives. Therapists report a significant impact in their clinical practice and their personal lives.

Come discover how implementing these tools can level UP every area of your life.

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“Now that I have applied these principles in my own life I am excited to see how the tools are working for the kids and their parents in my practice. Due to the simplicity I am seeing results quickly.”

- Liz, LCSW

Group 182


Our 12-step evidence-based curriculum is designed to teach core values and life skills that are engaged in:

  • Building Confidence
  • Fostering Empowerment
  • Inspiring Hope
  • Discovering Resiliency
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • And more

Our curriculum helps individuals regain their personal power, find solutions for healing, and overcome challenges in order to facilitate lasting transformation.

These tools are available to every human. They have been used in diverse populations including homeless, refugees, incarceration, substance abuse, children, and adult treatment centers.

Thousands of our participants from a wide variety of backgrounds have benefited from using these tools and the results speak for themselves. This curriculum helps individuals to transform their lives not only in relation to their current circumstances, but also time and time again throughout their lives.

Group 182


Everything is technology-supported with all the resources you need to succeed no matter your learning environment!

  • Flexible learning environment
  • In-person learning with instruction
  • Self-guided workbook
  • Working with a mentor in guided learning format
  • Future app development to increase content and support

This introduction will show you how through a step-by-step process, taken at their own pace, each person can gain the tools and resources necessary to help captain their own story and rise to the challenge of creating a future they can be excited about.

Certified clinicians in both Social Work and our framework will combine to help you see how application of this framework can create monumental shifts in your practice. These individuals will use a variety of methods including presentation, team teaching, motivational interviewing and group interaction to ensure application is received and valued.



Group 524

The Harbor of Vision

I claim and create my future

The Contract

The Harbor of Choice & Commitment

Choose to commit to captain your story.

The Telescope

The Harbor of Focus

I am in control of creating my story.

Ship Lingo

The Harbor of Language

I am an effective communicator.

The Bow

The Harbor of Surrender

I surrender to the process of becoming my best self.

The Hourglass

The Harbor of Community

I create communities that support my vision.

The Lighthouse Keeper

The Harbor of Help

I ask for the help I need from the right communities.

The Compass

The Harbor of Identity

I create the vision for the rest of my life.

The Anchor

The Harbor of Response

I choose to remain in control of my response.

The Training Manual

The Harbor of Learning

I choose to learn from all my experiences and choose growth moving forward.

The Keel

The Harbor of Balanced Goals

I choose to set goals that keep me balanced and aligned to my vision.

The Map

The Harbor of Story

I choose to share my champion story and learn from the stories of others.

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“As a Licensed clinical social worker I have seen the impact of implementing this curriculum in every aspect of my life. I am a better clinician. I am a better supervisor. Our office is more connected. Our clients are seeing increased movement, confidence, and hope. I am also a better parent, and certainly more excited about life!”

- Bobbie, LCSW

Practices and Strategies

The Hero's Journey - Joseph Campbell

Change Your Story - Stephanie Tolen

The Growth Mindset - Carol Dweck

Kindness Research - Nel Noddings

Drama Triangle - Stephen Karpman

The Brain Model - Dan Siegel

Maslow's Hierarch - Abraham Maslow

Learning DIP (or PIT) - James Nottingham

Circle of Control - Steven Covey

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“As a therapist I have seen this framework transform lives. As a mother with three children still at home I have absolutely seen these tools change OUR lives. I have a 17 year old and 14 year old who are dealing with social challenges, school challenges, divorce, family relationship challenges, loss, mental health issues of varying kinds. They have a lot that they are dealing with on a daily basis.

We have been at individual therapy for four years and nothing else that we have tried—nothing—has had the level of impact that we have seen from this curriculum. Therapy has been useful, and we will continue that, but the change that I have seen come over my children as they engage with these tools is unparalleled. We have the tools displayed on our back window where we gather for meals. Most of our conversations as a family center around these concepts.

We have developed a daily practice of coming together at the breakfast table where each child states clearly their vision for that day, who they’re going to be in this world today. From there, each of us identify four action items, one in each component of whole self wellness that we will engage with that day towards the creation of that vision.

Come discover how implementing these tools can improve your life and the life of your clients.”

- Beth, LCSW