When one can own their story they are empowered to create a brave new ending.
- Brene Brown


The Claim Your Story (CYS) curriculum is nine units designed for K-6 students. At the culmination of the classroom instruction each student will create a personalized storybook about their own Hero’s Journey. Each grade band has their own age specific materials to help them learn at their level. This super flexible curriculum can be tailored around the needs of each classroom. units can be taught at a pace that works for you over the course of a few weeks, a whole semester, an or entire year. It was designed to integrate with curriculum already being taught. It is built to be online or classroom based, it works well in a blended format and has proven to be a win-win for parents, teachers and students,

As students begin to claim their story they will learn how their story impacts the communities they are a part of. They will learn to reach out and listen to others, find ways to serve them, and choose courage to share their story to help others. We are committed to providing a learning experience that will not only benefit the students who participate, but the ripple effect will carry out into their classroom, school, home, community and world. Claim Your Story was written by teachers for teachers and helps students young and old take the lead in their story!

Our curriculum toolbox is complete with

  • Nine content-filled units ready for use in the classroom or online.
  • A Teacher Resource Center filled with unit plans, worksheets, tutorials, and all the resources you need.
  • An online book-building software that helps each student create a digital book of their very own story.
  • Parent resources to help students stay engaged in their student's story.
  • Full music curriculum and program to help students learn the principles.


Each unit contains worksheets, reading suggestions, group activities, individual activities, and writing exercises.


Teachers will enjoy a full resource center with video tutorials, unit plans, worksheets, and support materials.


Each student will become an author of their very own digital book with options to print.


Students will learn 9 unique and engaging songs that correspond with the Claim Your Story units.


Whether you are in a traditional classroom, an after school program, homeschool group or a family that wants to dive into discovering and creating their hero story we have something for you! Our vision is to engage communities in embracing stories of all individuals as heroes of their own personal journey and, in that process, become more united in compassion, understanding, and empathy as we realize every story really does matter!


The curriculum is designed to align with core standards established by educational boards. It fits well into your classroom on multiple levels and promotes engagement and self-efficacy in your students. The process is simple, and can be done at your own pace, whether for a term or for the whole year. There are purchase options available for individual classrooms, grades, schools, and entire districts..


This curriculum is a fantastic add to the programming you likely provide for your clients. This will help them better understand their path, the choices they have made, and assist them in reframing their story for their path ahead.


The curriculum is ideal for individuals or for small groups. The curriculum is a great activity to do with your students or grandstudents, at a family reunion, or for any family activity. It can be done as a family history project, or simply as a gift for someone whose story matters to you!


The curriculum is designed to augment a student's education and to empower them to chart their own course in life. This makes it an ideal option for those in the home-school community who are seeking new resources to help their students achieve their potential. It is equally functional in both at-home and community-based homeschools.


I wish I could capture in words the power of this experience for our students. The smiles. The pride. This is a program that is worth replicating.

— Amber Clayton

Principal and Lead Learner, Granger Elementary
I LOVE THIS PROJECT! As an educator, I feel that this program has impacted student lives more than any other project I’ve had in my classroom. The strength and confidence given to the students and my deeper understanding of them and the experiences they’ve come from helped us to bond deeper and more quickly leading us to work even better together than we normally do.

— April Boone

Lead Tumaini instructor
My favorite thing about this process is that students gain strength from and see value in their own story, especially those students with difficult backgrounds who need to frame their lives from a new perspective.

— Ryan Wells

Principal, Central Elementary


This curriculum has been designed to fit inside of the CORE curriculum standards being taught in the classroom so that there is perfect alignment to make it easier for counselors, teachers and students to complete the material.
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This curriculum has been designed to be evidence-based, using time-tested theories that are widely accepted across multiple generations.
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